About Me

I am a Mom, Wife, Friend, Daughter, but above all, I am a Designer. You can call it "Crafty" or "Artsy," but I call it Designing... I feel I am designing in any and everything I do.  A design lush, I find myself completely intoxicated by color, obsessed with detail.  Artistry is my genes, developed through a true fascination for transformation.  Since I was old enough to wield a hammer, I have been demolishing, building, re-furbishing, creating, painting, sometimes devastating anything that I come in contact with. I LOVE trying new things, I openly welcome a challenge and rarely, will I turn down a project.

My day consists of 'motherly' and ‘wifely’ duties: the laundry, the cooking and the diapers, but when the husband is off to work, and the kids are at school or doing puzzles and projects... I am lost in my world of creation. This is why I call it "The Design Affair." This is my "OTHER" love... my mistress, if you will.

My husband and friends often scold me for searching Craigslist, mid-conversation because some fabulous idea just took control.  Too often, I am laughed at for plopping to the floor in a public place, just to see how the bottom of a chair is made… not to mention I am the Queen of inspecting a fabric or wallpaper uncomfortably close. 
With one foot in both worlds, I balance it all quite well, but when my friends come to visit, hearing them reminisce of my college days and my wandering mind, it is clear that not a thing has changed.  Analyzing shapes, objects, spaces, and things has always been my passion… I breathe it, I crave it, I have and I always will be smitten. This is A Design Affair.