Wednesday, October 10, 2012

How-to download and install FREE Fonts

Sometimes new things can be overwhelming, and one of my favorite internet finds, Free Fonts can be one of those things. When I first found about these wonderful people who create and put out these wonderful tiny typography gifts I was overwhelmed trying to figure out everything I have to do to get them on my computer and working in my programs.

If you do NOT need to find a font and you just want to download the font, skip to step 4

It is pretty easy just follow the steps below:

Find your font, I like to go to and follow the steps below :)

1 On the home page you will see the bar shown above with all the categories and subcategories listed.  Chose the category that you want, I love a good Typewriter font so I selected "Typewriter" listed under "Fancy".

2 After you have selected your category (typewriter) you want to specify your search options. First thing you want to do is on the right you want to select "More Options" circled above. 

Now you want to select "Free" on the lower options so that you can find fonts that you can use for personal or commercial use. 

4 Scroll threw the fonts and click on the font you like, in this case wanted to see "Hammer Keys"
When you click on it it will pull up a display of all the letters and numbers in their corresponding font.

5 Once you decide that this is the font of your dreams :) click the "Download" button on the right of the font. 

6 To open your download, locate the "Downloads Folder" on my mac it is on the bottom of the screen. Double click on your file to open it.
7 The file will open, you will find two document's inside, one is the font and the other is a "Read me" file. First read the "read me" and then click on the font file. Sometimes there are more than one font file if it has several variations. 

8 Once you click on the font document another box will pop up. This is where you click "Install Font" This step takes just seconds and walla you have a new font installed on your computer.

9 Once you install the font a file will show with all fonts on your computer on it :)

Wash and repeat... JK, follow the steps above and fill your computer up with fantastic new fonts. Don't forget to donate if you find a Artiest that you really like, it is how they are able to offer these fonts for free :)

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