Thursday, August 2, 2012

Feeling a bit british

Our trip has come brought us to our final destination in London!  This is beyond amazing, every time I get around the British I find myself wanting to start talking with that sexy cool accent and fancy myself some fish and chips. :)  There is so much individuality in London, life and diversity.  From afternoon tea, to a punk rock bands, mo hawks to pompadours, Metro to Maserati this is a awesome awesome city!

Threw our walk threw the city today we went by Buckingham palace and took our pictures and watched the guards do their "toy solder" walk.  Addison had fun thinking about which room the queen was in and where her two little dogs would play and sleep.  Did the queen have pony's or unicorns, did she like animals and does she mind that all these people are standing in front of her house?  Some times I am amazed by the things she wonders and says, they are all such good questions, it is for sure to give us much more to talk about for then next 11 days in London. 

 Nothing screams Britain like the Union Jack flag plastered across everything from t-shirts, finger nails, designer hand bags to the kitchen stove!  Union Jack has almost become a pop art icon cross the globe showing up on t-shirts at stores like H&M and Forever 21 with many not knowing exactly why they are wearing it accept it looks cool and they see it every where. Well here in London it is worn for PRIDE, this flag symbolized unity of three countries.

Quite possibly the worlds COOLEST taxi ever is the London taxi.  These old style London taxis have been reproduced to look like the originals still with room for seating 5 in the back and room for luggage next to the driver.  This is no smelly New York City cab, oh no, they are clean, and spacious and the drivers are always friendly and chatty. 
If you are not taking a cab and want another iconic experience, try the double decker bus. Originals are still running but reproductions have been made to still pay homage to the original vintage style. 
Another Iconic part of London that even a novas traveler can recognize is the London Underground.  London has an AMAZING underground tunnel system that is very easy to use and very old.

The object of many photo focal points and well known trinket bought as a souvenir at any gift shop in London.  Not since the invention of the telephone has any phone booth been as Iconic as the London phone booth.  I'm not sure if it is its memorable red finish, Sturdy steal design, picture frame pains of glass, or cute crown on top that makes it is cool.  I cant quite put my finger on it, but man is it awesome looking :). This is a MUST do picture opportunity for Addie and I before we leave next week :)
In a city of amazing history, the greatest of all is Buckingham Palace!  This amazing and stunning marvel is still home to the royal family and still renders me speechless as to how they were able to create such exquisiteness in a time of limited technology!
Of course no visit to London be complete with out making faces at the stone faced guards at Buckingham Palace.  Watching them do their toy soldier walk is my favorite part!

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