Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Inspire Me Paris

Before we headed to London for the Olympics we thought it would be nice to fly into Paris France and show Addie around the city and get a taste for French Flare. Trying to explain to Addie that part of the fun of going to different countries is that things like food and buildings are all different and its fun to experience different things.  That did not go over great when she was hungry LOL. But what did go over great was one of her FAVORITE treats, MACAROONS, she was so stoked to see that almost every bakery (which there are a lot of) had tons of Macaroons. 

One of my favorite parts of going to France is the sweets and bakeries!  

Macaroons are a MUST have on any trip to France. Jelly or Gnash I have not had a macaroon yet that I would let slip threw my fingers.

Arch de Triumph, Eiffel Tower, a crescent and coffee and dogs in berets are all the must dos on any trip to Paris, ok maybe not the last one but it would be cute!

Coco Chanel is possibly the most well known and first to mind when one mentions French fashion.  Known for elegance and feminine timeless style, she is surely at the top of my list for people in time I would loved to have had tea with. 

Absolutely one of my favorite combinations of art and fashion, a famous collaboration by Andy Warhol and Chanel, I have three and am not done collecting. Pop art, Andy Warhol and Chanel N5 and warm woolen mittens, brown paper packages tied up with a string, these are a few of my favorite things.  Created before his death for Chanel his works not produced until after his passing these amazing screen prints can be used still purchased on eBay in a variety of sizes.

French fashion, there are so many angles you can take, but I LOVE the main stream every girl. Its feminine, sweet, easy and chic, fashion should be easy, and I LOVE feminine chic so its a win win. 

I have always loved their elegance and beautiful style, and my daughter is not far behind me!  She fell in love with the girlie glam and elegance that most homes and store fronts boasted. I was so trilled that we share the same love of the french style, for so long as I look threw magazines and websites lusting over the ornate moldings and elegant chic dressing rooms and canopy or Rococo beds she would look at me like a 6 eyed alien trying to figure out why I was so in love.  But NOW she gets it, she told me she wants me to make her a canopy bed with curtains down the sides of the head of the bed, and I get to choose the colors! HURRAY, its a proud proud day in mommy world. 

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