Saturday, August 11, 2012

Favorite DIY Projects for DIY newbies!

String art is a really fun easy way to do art with your kids. 
Trace a shape like a heart or your child's hand, the state you live in, or the first letter of your child's name on a piece of plywood.  Nail finishing or upholstery nails into piece of plywood about a 1/4 inch apart on the traced line.  

Next is the fun part, let your little prince or princess pick out the color string they would like to do and tie one end onto a nail and let them go at it until the shape forms. Follow the link at the bottom of the post for a full tutorial from Green Wedding Shoes.
Every time I go to Anthropologie my daughter and I oooooo and ahhhhhhhh at the different handmade decor that hangs around the store and in the windows. When I stumbled across this amazing DIY garland I just hat to share!  This will be one of the first projects I do when I get back home!  
Can we stop the bus!!!!!!!!!  I am blown away by this DIY, what a cool, amazing, wonderful, fantastic (do you get the paint I like it yet?) idea for a handmade flower! I am picturing these at my daughters birthday party this summer, or tied to the headboard of her bed. 

I'm always looking for unique baby shower gifts, and of course its always better if it is something I can make.  When I stumbled across this Clay Nursery Mobile from Creature Comforts, I was inspired.  Its unique, personal and playful, I will be trying this idea out the next time one of my friend's decides to procreate again :)
I am ordering the porcelain pens at we speak!  With all the cool DIY porcelain ideas I have seen lately this by far take the proverbial chocolate cake!  DIY foodie plates!  Lets make meal time more fun, for the times when we say its OK to play with your food this is a awesome opportunity to be creative and create your own plate for just a few dollars. 
If you are like me when you travel to a new exciting place you keep every scrap of paper and documentation for your trip. One piece always being a local map, often city map or a subway map that you used daily to navigate your way threw the city while you created fantastic memories. Well what a fun way to reuse and display a key part of any trip, the MAP.  Martha stewart put out this amazing idea of using a map as a mat for your photo from the trip!  What a original way to remember the trip and tell a story at the same time!  I think I better grab about a hundred maps after this trip, because I have been a maniac with the camera! 
I LOVE adding a bit of green to every room, I feel it brings life and feeling to rooms. What could you do that is more appropriate than a Upcycled Dino planter! I have seen this idea from The Thrillz of Hillz floating around on the web for a while and know that this is one of my HAVE TO DO items for Rhett's room. 
If rugs are the earrings of every room then Lamps are definitely the bracelets!  Often we are to timid to be brave with color or pattern on big items like our furniture or walls, and with good reason they are often the most expensive and the largest.  So I say great be neutral and leave a blank canvas for the accessories to play on!  Lamps, there is virtually NO reason to EVER buy a new lamp.  If you have time to pop into your local thrift store you will find large selection of new to your lamps.  Leave it as it is or give it a fresh coat of spray paint and you have a wonderful inexpensive piece, but now to top it off, be bold and be loud by upholstering your lamps SHADE. Thank you Design Sponge! 
I love Hand Drums for toddlers.  I am looking for new projects to do with my 5 year old daughter for my 5 month old son.  She loves being involved with anything that makes him smile!  So we found this simple hand drum idea from Bloesem Kids. 

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