Saturday, July 14, 2012

Upholstery - Tools Needed

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Every successful furniture rehab begins with the right tools. I mean when you are getting ready for a night out you don't do it with out all the proper "tools" ie. Curling Iron, hair dryer, razors, perfume etc. Well its the same thing with redoing a piece furniture, you need all the right tools. It does not cost a lot to get the right artillery, and if you are only doing one piece so you don't want to buy them, you will have most of them laying around your house anywhere and the others you can surely find someone to barrow from, or find a local Home Depot that rents tools.  Not all tools are needed for every project, this is the basic lot you will need for most rehabs!

If you are a tool nuts'o like I am you most likely already have or are very eager to get the above tools!  My favorite was buying the air compressor and staple gun, I was beyond excited to "play" with it!  If you have any other suggestions or stories please share with me here.

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  1. Nice list of tools you have here! I still have to buy the best staple gun and shears to use! I really wanted to be good in upholstery.