Sunday, July 1, 2012

Picking the perfect CRIB

Selecting a crib is a big desision, it sets the tone of the room and is often one of the most expensize elements in the nursery.  Most decisions start with Modern or Traditional? Then dark or white, metal or wood?
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I started with Modern, I LOVE modern for a boy especially!  I feel they go together :) I love the cribs that are both dark and white in one crib, they add a fresh feel to the crib and very modern and updated feeling. For "grandmas house" I love the folding crib vs. a pack n play, it is tons easier to set up and more stable. 

Ikea has great options that are modern clean and very affordable.  To personalize you can add stickers or paint a design on the end panel and you have a one of a kind just for you crib :)

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When creating a nursery fit for a Princess I always veer towards traditional and ornate styles.  The dreamy curves and intricate details and attention to detail scream princess!  Weather you go with a simple but traditional wooden crib with a expresso finish, a metal crib or one with upholstered ends you are sure to create an amazing space. I am partial to the 4 poster bed. nothing says princess like a fairytale bed!

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