Thursday, July 5, 2012

Nursery Essentials

Bringing Home Baby

Brining baby home is enough to do, the rest should be simple. There is not a lot that is needed for the first few months. Lets face it, it is basically two months of eat, sleep, poop and repeat. So our main goal until they are about two months old is to make sure they are comfortable, warm and happy. For my first baby I thought I had to have all this fancy stuff but I quickly realized it was the basics that were most important. So with my son I discovered a few great basics that would have made my life ALOT easier the first time around. 

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1) Fisher-Price rocker, it is amazing, once baby hits about 4 weeks old they start being awake a bit more and wanting to see what is around them. I love this instead of the traditional style that is more like an angled board because:

   It can be reclined back in "sleeping" position if needed and baby is still laying in the V position with head and feet up and butt cuddled in the seat position. 
   Rocks VERY easily, so every time baby kicks and carry’s on he rocks, giving him even more excitement.
   There is a play bar over it that is easily removable
   It has gentle vibration if wanted
   Grows with your child, as old as 4 - 5 Years old as a rocking chair

2) MY FAVORITE by far is a product by Fisher-Price that is used as a "bassinet” I had first bought an amazing Restoration Hardware Bassinet with all the bells and whistles, and then I saw this bad boy at Target... I AM IN LOVE. I think it is SO important to keep baby's head up for as long as possible to help with gas, reflux, and ears.  Keeping baby in the V position he also feels cuddled and safe. It has a gentle rocking base that makes it very easy to stick a toe out of bed and rock it when he starts to fuss ;)

3) Boppy come out with these great pads for on your changing pad, kind of like easy to change "oops" pads. Simple idea and SO effective. I hate taking the cover off of the changing pad EVERY time I have a messy diaper

4) I LOVE Aden & Anais products. The soft muslin is perfect for babies, its breathable and warm. But for times when you need a lot of warmth they introduced their 4-layer blanket. It is SUPER heavy weight, the heaviest I have seen for a baby. Soft and adorable

5) Aden & Anais Swaddlers are my most favorite thing in my mommy artillery... They are GIGANTIC and super soft.  Very light weight and have a TON of super cute patterns. I have them everywhere, diaper bags, the car, the living room, bedroom, my purse and stroller. LOVE...

6) Avent pacifiers are great, the shape is suppose to mimic a mother’s nipple and has a large shield around that mouth to insure baby wont swallow it. 

7) Halo Sleep sack is great for babies and toddlers. Children should never have blankets in their crib with them in an effort to prevent SIDS.  These Sleep sacks are great, they come in 5 sizes to accommodate tiny babies to toddlers. They come in comfy cotton and when you need a lot of warmth they have fleece.

8) Aden & Anais have a very thin and lightweight sleep sack out that is great for when baby just needs a light layer. LOVE these

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