Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Free Fonts

I am a Font Junky... I LOVE all the options... Fonts to writing are as rugs are to a room. They set the tone, add emotion and style.  There is a whole world of fonts out there for free for personal use, and if you want to use them for commercial use many are are many that are quite inexpensive but also there are many that cost as much as a REALLY nice pair of shoes :) he he... I like free. Many Sites have a place to "donate" to the designer, this helps encourage the designer to keep listing more fonts for free for us all to enjoy and use.

I bought a few for $5.00 to use on some of my commercial applications and I cant complain at that price! I refuse to even look at fonts that are more than that for the most part, with so many inexpensive options out there there is no reason. 

 I love having my artilery of options that make you say "SO COOL".   Lately I have been getting asked a lot were I get my fonts so I thought I would put together a board of some of my new Fav's for you all to snack on :) Happy browsing!  

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