Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Dip Dye Delight

  Now THIS is one of my favorite things I have done!

I have been obsessed with the thought of Dip Dyeing curtains for my daughter’s room; I think that crisp white curtains dipped in hot pink would finish off the space wonderfully. Excellent but then comes the part of actually DOING IT. Soooooooo TEST RUN time.  

I got my supplies right away because when the mood hits me to do something I am hooked I can’t do anything else until I do it!

Curtains that were the right length and cotton and white were actually really hard to find so I decided I would have to make them myself.  Off to Joann Fabrics, load the kids in the car, swing threw Mc Donald's for my Dt. Coke and we are there.  I seem to have a huge problem, I can never just get what I "need" when I go to Joann's or Michael’s, because I always find myself "NEEDING" lots of fun stuff!

An Hour later I emerge with my yard of fabric to do a test on, it was good weight and color.  I also couldn't pass up several new brands of dye that were on sale (not to self if the entire brand is on sale that means something).

Of course while I had ALL this dye I collected anything I could that I thought would be fun to dye :)  

On both the tank and the dress I placed them on a angle in the dye, giving them a fun asymmetrical look, at the end of the dye process I submerged the entire garment in the dye for 5 seconds to turn the upper portions light pink.

Gather all your supplies:
  • Object to be Dyed
  • Flocked hanger or simular item to help hang
  • Rubber gloves
  • Dye (follow package instructions for saturation rate)
  • Measuring Cup
  • Bowl
  • Large stainless Sink or plastic bin
  • Salt
  • Water
  • Spray bottle (not pictured) 

I Started With a White Dress from Gap that I bought for my daughter and then asked myself WHY did I buy her a all white dress!  A simple white tank top from target and 14inch drum lamp shade also from Target.

To wet the lamp shade you will need to spray it with a water bottle, until wet but not dripping, this way you know it has full coverage.

Place 4 cups warm water into a mixing bowl

Poor Dye into the bowl of water

Stir until dye is fully dissolved into the water.

Poor dye into sink/ bin full of water and stir until mixed.  

Add Salt to sink and stir until fully dissolved.

Dip your Item into the water to the desired depth and angle you would like. Full saturation takes between 30-40 Min. For lighter shades check frequently until you achieve the desired color (will dry slightly lighter)

After 30 Min I removed the shade and saw that the color was WAY lighter than i was hoping for, darn it on me for trying a new brand... Ok that teaches me don't mess with a good thing, back to old faithful!

Liquid Rit to the rescue, I am sorry I will never stray again!  This liquid dye is actually meant for wash machine dyeing, but we wont be doing that, it works AMAZING for dip dying!

So I dumped it into my sink gave a stir and placed my items back in... and WALLA, almost instantly darker!

15 Min Later it was as dark as it was going to get and its beautiful. 

Place it on paper towel to dry, dyed side down, and wipe the inside clean of any dye.

Rinse dress and shirt until water runs clear.
Hand wash with Soda Ash or Rit dye set following package instructions.

Let air dry and enjoy! (I don't have picture of laying flat... sowwie)

I am doing more today I will post them as I go and show you my creations and any wins or mistakes I make :)  They will be available for sale on my Etsy Store :)

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