Friday, June 22, 2012

Perfectly Painted!

Painting... ahhh yes painting a well-known staple in any DIYer's toolbox. It is an easy way to completely transform any piece of furniture in just a few minutes.  Weather you are doing a meticulous redo or just throwing on a new coat of paint, from the moment the primer begins to cover the surface we say goodbye to a old piece of furniture and welcome a new amazing blank slate.  

For many of us it rates right up there with the feeling of a brand new empty notebook, a fresh box of crayons or a new ream of blank paper open to a world of possibilities.  MAYBE it will even make it to the queens company. Well maybe not THAT far, BUT it will be amazing and transformed. 

1. Paint Respirator - $24, 2. 200W Painters Light - $40, 3. Wagner Control Spray Max, $95, 4. 10'x10' Portable Spray Booth - US Marine Products $2,500,   

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My new favorite must do project!  This DIYer took a old dresser that most would have tossed curbside and transformed it into a dress up haven any little girl would squeel for job for! New paint, wall papered inside, new hardware and a wardrobe bar take this from trash to treasure!

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What a transformation!!!  Adding a coat of green paint and a change in hardware has made this old thrift store regular into a unique dinning room focal point.   In addition to new hardware and paint this DIYer also re-arranged the configuration of the drawers giving this dresser a fresh new look!

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