Friday, June 22, 2012

It was LOVE at Lucite...

All this talk about Lucite set me on a mission to find my very own Lucite to Love :)  Shall I say a Lucite to call my own... hehehehe.... and did I ever luck out... I knew I would have to pay a little higher price than I normally like to for a piece.. but I kinda lucked out!

As I scoured Craigslist from around the whole country on (my totally new favorite site that searches ALL of Craigslist around the country so you don't have to... genius.  But I totally lucked out that it was right in my own back yard that i found success!   I found a "antique/ estate liquidation/ has a lil of everything kinda guy" who was selling 4 vintage Lucite and Chrome Directors Chairs... Ill say it again.. LUCITE DIRECTORS CHAIRS!  Could it be more perfect?  I am so in love with directors chairs right now and even more in love with Lucite.. and of course i love anything shiny or sparkly so the chrome was right up my alley!

They need some TLC (Tender Loving Carolynn)  hehehe.....  but that is what I do best, re-love un-loved furniture!  The pictures don't show it but the chrome is covered in rust pocking and the Lucite needs a lot of elbow grease. :)  But in the words of Bob the Builder... "Can we fix it?" "YES WE CAN!" 

For the handsome price of $400 for a set of 4... (A bit steep but not uncalled for for this amazing 

FLITZ Metal Polish - $11-$60, NOVUS Acrylic Polish - $9,  Micro Fiber Polish Cloth 36pk - $23

I will start this project tomorrow... Stay tuned as the magic unfolds :)

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