Monday, June 18, 2012

Happy Birthday Lucite...P.S. I LOVE YOU!!!

Lucite celebrates 75 years of diverse beauty!!!   Core77 has announced the 75th Birthday of one of the greatest design materials to have graced our homes, offices and department stores!  This diverse material has been used in everything from mass produced paperweights to extravagant one of a kind purses, chairs and tables.

Trademark .
- a transparent or translucent plastic, any of a class of methylmethacrylate ester polymers.

Known by many names this amazingly beautiful and versatile synthetic polymer originally introduced as Plexiglas in 1933, the will turn 75 this year!

1. Lucite Desk/ Vanity - Plexi-Craft $1103   2. Trunk - Plexi-Craft $396   3. Luggage Rack - Plexi-Craft $110  4. Louis XIV Style Modern Acrylic Chair - Aaron R Thomas Design price upon request  5. Roh Crib 2 side clear - Spot on Square $2249  6. Carved Rombus Lucite Purse - EBay  $299  7. Jimmy Choo Perspex metallic Leather Sandal - Jimmy Choo  $2495
Lucite as a vanity table... YES please!!!!!!! <3  

This amazingly elegant, chic and tasty room uses a million of my favorite design tools! Paintings, chunky frames, over sized mirror, roman blinds and Lucite OH MY! Sadly Source is Unknown to me of origin 

Amazing Lucite Desk and Chair give a edgy, elegant, clean and airy look to tight space. Another must have for the wish list!  

Dynamic blue sofa by Crate and Barrel accented by a understated Lucite table smartly stacked books and a vase of branches and over-sized mirror gives me major Lucite envy! 
Turning a stunning Louis Vuitton trunk into a work of art and functional accent table is one of my favorite uses of Lucite yet! Made for Neiman Marcus by Aaron R. Thomas.  

Thou shalt not covet thy neighbors Lucite.... Oh beautiful room how i love thee, let me count the ways... Over-sized ornate mirror, painted wood floor, A-frame based Lucite table, white modern stools instead of chairs, Pink floor pillows, built in bookcase and a fireplace with fantastic mantel holding a simple mirror and silver fancy things!!! 

Even I who more often than not opt for a nice glass of Pellegrino water than a glass of bubbly.  Would not be so inclined to turn down a drink if offered when served on this sexy little piece of Lucite and Chrome!  This fancy Lucite cart takes service carts to the NEXT LEVEL! 
Source Unknown

We all might not avoid getting our work done if we got to belly up to this chic Lucite table used here as a double sided desk... BRILLIANT!  Source Unknown

Traditional wooden table and retro Lucite Folding chairs... simple, versatile and AAAAMAZING... I think i will be adding Folding Lucite chairs to my wish list tonight!  
Source Unknown

Campign style desk with exquisit Lucite chair. Win win.. 
Source Unknown

Rattan dining chairs and a huge solid Lucite dining table give this breakfast nook a very airy and inviting, come sit with me and eat a stack of buttery pancakes kinda feeling.. Yep I'm hooked!  
Source Unknown

Simple simple simple, Two Mid-Century Modern credenza's matched up for a over-sized look, a simple rug, muted colors and Lucite accent table make the perfect room AND leave space for some Yoga!  
Source Unknown

Adding a very large and clean edged Lucite coffee table to this other wise traditional room adds a chic and modern edge without over powering its overall aesthetic.  
Source Unknown

L.U.C.I.T.E.  DESK... Need I say more? You can not go wrong with putting one of these hard to find treasures in your house... This is at the very very top of my I would give a leg for one list!  
Source Unknown

Amazing Lucite stair railing... I would die for these in my house... even if i didn't have a staircase!!!! ;) 

A minimal black and white room with a simple Lucite coffee table is elegant and does not take attention from the simplicity of the room! 

Lucite Chest with chrome handles and corner guards is simply divine.... I'll take 3!!!!  What a super fun way to display books or other objects without worries of kids grabbing or happy dogie tails knocking them over!  
Unknown Source

Ummm... Speechless.... Lucite chest... surely wouldn't want to put my undies in this dresser, but I sure would love to put it in my house! 

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