Saturday, June 30, 2012

Etsy Nursery Finds

The finishing touches, the small details, are what really bring any room together, what make a house a HOME.  A nursery is no different, from what you hang on the walls to the toys that line the shelves, the colors, textures and patterns.  It all tells the story of this room, this amazing little haven you have created for YOUR bundle of chubby joy.  I am a big "shop local" gal, BUT Etsy is the next best thing. I love shopping with a "real person" you know 1 or a few people making wonderful items from around the world, each one handmade with extra care. No huge factory, most of it is not mass produced. By us buying what they make we are helping people make money doing what they truly love, and we get a amazingly made with love, just for us, treasure. 
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How can anyone resist these adorable little knitted dragons and yellow kitty.  These little guys are my new go to for every friend who procreates! I am not an ugly doll kind of mama but I know LOTS of people who LOVE them. So as far as ugly doll types go I thought these were pretty darn cute rather than scary!  I would sooo let my little man tote one of these around.

I am always looking for fun and entertaining art for the walls. I love witting sayings and goofs... I found these on Etsy; the site is loaded with them and much more original than going to Target or Walmart for art.  The great thing about buying directly from the creator is that they can also customize anything to your colors! Cheers to Etsy for the nursery!

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