Saturday, June 16, 2012

The Beginning

We are ambitions, talented, creative, a Jack of All Trades but master of none.  Looking through the latest edition of House Beautiful or Elle Decor, rate right up there with eating a guilt-free pint of Chunky Monkey ice cream or a tube tub of raw cookie dough!

While creeping past yard sales, mimicking the slowness of a Sunday driver, we hit the brakes… making sure we scan each item, in hopes that there just may be a hidden treasure (or two).

Pursuing Craigslist daily as if it were a race to victory, our journey seems to always end with finding the perfect "have to have", "I'll do something great with this", "I cant believe i got it so cheep!"type-of trophy.

When we enter a room we either both admire and covet its design, or we let our minds wonder with visions of rearranging, replacing, and refinishing its way to perfection.

We paint, stain, sand, sew, polish, paste, staple and design or way to happiness.

We are in a Design Affair.

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