Friday, June 29, 2012

Anthropologie Obsession!

Don't act like you don't have one!  Thou shall not covet thy neighbor’s ANTHROPOLOGIE purchases!  Covet away!  So it is very had for me on a rare occasion where it is just me in the car, no kids, no husband, and no dogs, to drive past the Third Ward in Milwaukee and not find myself driving past Anthropologie looking for a parking spot.  If I see one I justify to myself IT WAS MENT TO BE!  So I plug my meter admitting to myself this wont be quick :)

Walking in I always feel like a kid in a candy store. Do I go left and look at cloths and candles or right into house wears. OH THE CHOICES

I dont know if i want to put this on a shelf to look pretty or on my table with wild flowers.... but what i do know is I WANT it!  The aztec like graphics, and translucent white glaze give this vase character and style! 
I absolutely 100% LOVE this jug, let me count the ways!!!  The color, the shape and THE TEXTURE...  Devine
Im thinking amazing mercury key hiding dish or match holder!
Thinking I HAVE to go back and get this set... It is to amazing to not, I am envisioning sitting around with friends on a warm day sipping cold sun kissed ice tea from these amazing icy blue glasses and pitcher. They are not on the website :( 

 Who dosent need this monkey to hold your wedding ring... Kind of a no brainer here ;) hehehe 
Who.. who... whooooo needs this Owl to hold their makeup brushes or a cute bunch of flowers bedside? I think we all do!

 So true... Rock on Paul Arden
BRACELETS... is it just me or do pretty Bracelets make every day a little better... accept at $28 a piece I settled for one :)

 Cute hanging candle holders, very boho... I can see these in my BF Amy's house. Xmas gifts anyone? Yes I do think about those THIS early!

I am obsessed with these candles, I literally
 have one in every room of my house in Aloha Orchid! Here

I love Design Sponge Blog! 

I ended up actually getting this book, there is basically a good amount of info on most household decorating questions.  There is info on everything from lamps to types of sofas. The Illustrations
 leave a lot to be desired but the content is still worth the buy!
And the Pièce de résistance the sale section at Anthro!

With Prices such as they are in this store, this is an amazing treasure trove of more reasonably priced eclectic decor!


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