Tuesday, October 16, 2012

DIY Slime for Halloween!!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Kids Costumes - Etsy Finds

Hostess Oncse here Cup Cake here Super Hero here Superman here

How-to download and install FREE Fonts

Sometimes new things can be overwhelming, and one of my favorite internet finds, Free Fonts can be one of those things. When I first found about these wonderful people who create and put out these wonderful tiny typography gifts I was overwhelmed trying to figure out everything I have to do to get them on my computer and working in my programs.

If you do NOT need to find a font and you just want to download the font, skip to step 4

It is pretty easy just follow the steps below:

Find your font, I like to go to www.dafont.com and follow the steps below :)

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Favorite DIY Projects for DIY newbies!

String art is a really fun easy way to do art with your kids. 
Trace a shape like a heart or your child's hand, the state you live in, or the first letter of your child's name on a piece of plywood.  Nail finishing or upholstery nails into piece of plywood about a 1/4 inch apart on the traced line.  

Next is the fun part, let your little prince or princess pick out the color string they would like to do and tie one end onto a nail and let them go at it until the shape forms. Follow the link at the bottom of the post for a full tutorial from Green Wedding Shoes.
Every time I go to Anthropologie my daughter and I oooooo and ahhhhhhhh at the different handmade decor that hangs around the store and in the windows. When I stumbled across this amazing DIY garland I just hat to share!  This will be one of the first projects I do when I get back home!  
Can we stop the bus!!!!!!!!!  I am blown away by this DIY, what a cool, amazing, wonderful, fantastic (do you get the paint I like it yet?) idea for a handmade flower! I am picturing these at my daughters birthday party this summer, or tied to the headboard of her bed. 

Friday, August 10, 2012

Team USA Spirit!

As the 2012 London Olympics are nearing the end, our medal count is strong but we are in a game of "cat and mouse" with the China athletes.  It seems every time I check the medal stats we are flipping back and forth positions with china, bidding for first place. If you are feeling the TEAM USA spirit like I am you have been searching threw the stores for a fashionable way to wear our colors!  It’s mostly about doing simple pieces, not decking ones self out like an American flag Christmas tree head to toe (unless you want to then send us pics!).  I have collected a few of my favorite pieces for you that give team spirit that you can wear with pride!

We are so lucky we are in the heat of summer because we can default to super cute dresses and shorts!  I have had an amazing pair of American Flag shorts for like 8 years and the more I wash them the cooler they look!  

Top Shop put out two pairs of awesome American Flag shorts, one pair found here, that is a bit more vintage looking here (kind of like my pair after 8 years of wash and wear).  Contrasted by another pair found here that has a fresher looking print set off on a white short.  Cant go wrong either way, perhaps both depending on the mood hehehehe... Urban Outfitters put out this dress which I just have to have, makes looking fabulous effortless!  It is that lazy summer day dress, watching the finals of your favorite Olympics event or a casual summer backyard barbeque.  

Esty is a GREAT place to look for pieces to finish off any specialty outfit AND supporting independent artists at the same time!  Like these adorable heart shaped American Flag earrings found here. 

If you are a t-shirt and jeans kind of gal like myself on most days I found this adorable American Flag t-shirt here at my FAVORITE website EVER, SHOPBOP!!!!!!!  It is 9 times out of 10 my default place for any outfit. They ship over night and are great to work with if you need a freakish fast outfit.  So I was not surprised by my next fabulous discovery, by Catherine Malandrino found here.  I would normally say decking yourself head to toe in any flag is a bit cheesy but Catherine Malandrio has put together a gold metal worthy sweetly tailored knee length, belted dress with a tailored collar.  She has combined layers of Silk Chiffon with off key bits of the stars and stripes in a very classy feminine but tailored silhouette.  

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Canopy Bed Utopia

SOOOO for some time my daughter has admired canopy beds and the dreaminess that comes with them.  I'm sure many of us can relate, I even as a grownup still get caught up in the princess fairytale feeling that accompanies a canopy bed that is over flowing with sheer curtains or a structured top smartly upholstered.  So when we walked into our room at the St. Ermins Hotel in London she was awestruck with what she found in the bedroom.  We were just getting our bags in the door when we heard "MAMA MAMA DADDY.... Look what is in MY room" mind you this is a one bedroom suite and we had intended for our little princess to sleep on the pull out sofa, so the idea of "MY ROOM" was hilarious.  We went into the room to find a BEAUTIFUL half canopy bed with side curtains and our daughter buried into the pillows cooing that she felt like a princess. 

As she laid there dreaming of her very own princess fancy pants bed, I asked her if she would like me to make her one.  The look on her face would have made Santa Clause feel like a little thimble.  I have never seen her look at me with such excitement and well EXCITEMENT!  It was obvious that a redecorating of her room at our house in Miami would be taking place!  She tired to explain exactly what it was she wanted and we ended on that she LOVED the half canopy with flowery fabricy kinda swooshy sides, like clouds. (Her definition). 

I began to pull up pictures and show her the types that we could consider doing. First was Crown Style. Often a half oval or half circle, secured to the wall and either made of solid prefabricated crown or a fabric upholstered crown and then lined with a draping of fabric that pores out to surround the head of the bed.  She liked this style but wanted it bigger, "kinda out like a house". Soooo I moved on to the next type of bed I could think of which was a  full top canopy bed. 

I pulled up two types that were quite similar in style. Both are based off of a traditional 4 poster bed, One where it has a valence around the outside and the other where it is a wooden frame with a elaborate upholstered ceiling; and was stopped almost immediately. She reiterated at this point that she had told me she wanted a HALF canopy, the full canopy was a little to scary for her :) So we move on to looking at old English style half canopy beds. I pulled these images not for literal translation but as a inspiration point from a time of beautiful and elaborate canopies. 

This Beautiful bed is kind of a combination of a Crown and a half canopy.  Using a beautiful wooden crown and then adding drapes and a valance on the inside give a nice partial covering of the head of the bed and allows for side curtains. They are pulled back in this image but can easily be laid by the sides of the head of the bed.

This bed is the one from our hotel room that Addison absolutely fell in love with.  Using a Upholstered crown or half canopy and then adding drapes to the inside allow a lot of versatility. Use a different fabric on the canopy than curtains, or match the canopy fabric to the outside of the curtains and then line the curtains with another fabric. In this bed they used a french pleat on the curtains to give a nice finished look, but you can easily use any type that fits your room.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Feeling a bit british

Our trip has come brought us to our final destination in London!  This is beyond amazing, every time I get around the British I find myself wanting to start talking with that sexy cool accent and fancy myself some fish and chips. :)  There is so much individuality in London, life and diversity.  From afternoon tea, to a punk rock bands, mo hawks to pompadours, Metro to Maserati this is a awesome awesome city!

Threw our walk threw the city today we went by Buckingham palace and took our pictures and watched the guards do their "toy solder" walk.  Addison had fun thinking about which room the queen was in and where her two little dogs would play and sleep.  Did the queen have pony's or unicorns, did she like animals and does she mind that all these people are standing in front of her house?  Some times I am amazed by the things she wonders and says, they are all such good questions, it is for sure to give us much more to talk about for then next 11 days in London. 

 Nothing screams Britain like the Union Jack flag plastered across everything from t-shirts, finger nails, designer hand bags to the kitchen stove!  Union Jack has almost become a pop art icon cross the globe showing up on t-shirts at stores like H&M and Forever 21 with many not knowing exactly why they are wearing it accept it looks cool and they see it every where. Well here in London it is worn for PRIDE, this flag symbolized unity of three countries.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Inspire Me Paris

Before we headed to London for the Olympics we thought it would be nice to fly into Paris France and show Addie around the city and get a taste for French Flare. Trying to explain to Addie that part of the fun of going to different countries is that things like food and buildings are all different and its fun to experience different things.  That did not go over great when she was hungry LOL. But what did go over great was one of her FAVORITE treats, MACAROONS, she was so stoked to see that almost every bakery (which there are a lot of) had tons of Macaroons. 

One of my favorite parts of going to France is the sweets and bakeries!  

Macaroons are a MUST have on any trip to France. Jelly or Gnash I have not had a macaroon yet that I would let slip threw my fingers.

Arch de Triumph, Eiffel Tower, a crescent and coffee and dogs in berets are all the must dos on any trip to Paris, ok maybe not the last one but it would be cute!

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Olympic Inspired DIY

This year Rex, I and Addison are lucky enough to be going to the Olympics in London!!!!  SO EXCITED, to help Addie get fired up we decided to take a peak around at some DIY olympic ideas.  We thought we would share a few of our favorites.  Of course being a frazzle brained mom right now I totally neglected to take any good pics of our crafting adventures so instead I am including the links to the pages of all these amazing ideas!

Olympic Flame DIY 1
Olympic Flame DIY 2

Every Olympic Game starts off with the passing of the olympic flame around the world, this year our flame even went white water rafting!

Backyard Olympic Competitor Numbers

Hold Your Own Neighborhood Backyard Olympic Games!

Hula Hooping Contest

Potato-Sak Races

PVC Hurtles DIY

Noodle Throw

Backyard Olympic Games 2

Olympic Themed Cupcakes 1

Olympic Torch Cupcakes 2

Olympic Cupcakes 3

Olympic Style Cake Pops

Olympic Sprinkled Cake Pops

Dipped Olympic Colored Cake Pops

Most Amazing Olympic Cupcakes 

Easy Olympic Ring Cookies

Salt Dough Gold Metals!

Salt Dough Olympic Metals Part 2

Making The World Flags

DIY Olympic Spirit 

 Olympic Party 1

Olympic Party Table 1

Metal Worthy Dessert Table

 Gold Quality Table Style

Olympic Inspired Learning

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Hula Hooping Contest here
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Noodle Throw here
Olympic Themed Cupcakes 1 here
Olympic Torch Cupcakes 2 here
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